- Locomotive & Caboose Set constructed by Boo-Rim Precision -

Some things to look for here:
  • Scale Sized Sanders and Sander Piping !
  • Triple Step Etchings throughout ! Yes, those lagging courses really do overlap one another!
  • Accurately modeled Cylinders and Valve Gear !
  • Accurately modeled Ladders and Hand Railings !
  • "Wrapped" Steam Piping where required!
  • Sprung, Working Tender-to-Cab Vestibule!

What doesn't show is the Drivetrain. In collaboration with our builder, we had the motors for these models custom wound so that their top speed is only 8,000 RPM - About half or less than what most "N" Scale motors rev to. The motors were wound to produce TORQUE, which they do in abundance! Which is why these models are able to run smoothly at very slow speeds on straight DC power! No "pulse power" required!

These are LIMITED PRODUCTION Models. 25 or less of each road number produced. ORDER YOURS TODAY !
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