~ DM&IR "Yellowstone" #224 and "G" Class Caboose #61 posed for your enyoyment ! ~

A pretty amazing photo, eh? Especially considering that the actual length of the locomotive and tender, measured over its end beams, is only 9.5 inches ! - Use the "Scroll Bars" on your browser to pan the photo back and forth.
Some things to look for here are:
  • The "Front End Throttle" with its bellcrank setup. These locomotives were so long that the enginehouse "hostlers", had to stay on their toes because expansion or contraction due to temperature could lengthen or shorten that throttle rod, causing a locomotive to creep during the night. Sometimes with disasterous results!
  • How about the "pedestal truck" under that tender ? These were oftentimes referred to as "centepede trucks", for obvious reasons.
  • Sprung, actually "working" Tender-to-Cab Vestibule!

These are LIMITED PROUUCTION Models. 25 or less of each road number produced.


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