~ The DM&IR "G" Class and "G1" Class Cabeese ! ~

In "N" Scale !

- Updated - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 -

Here's the opposie end of this great litle model.

Click Here or on the photo above to see the opposite side of this beauty!

Then click on any of the thumbnails below to view others of its type. (They'll open in a new "window" so you won't lose your place. ) We made the "G" class "Long Cabeese" with -5- different road numbers, and they're all here on the web for you to see !

"Long" Caboose #C8...
"Long" Caboose #C9...
"Long" Caboose #C60...
"Long" Caboose #C61...

"Short" Cabeese Here...

We're accepting ORDERS for these fine models NOW. Of course, one is included with each locomotive, packaged in the same box as a "set". But, a few of these great cabooses have been made available individually packaged.

Click Here And we'll email you a link where you can get yourself a printable Adobe Acrobat "Order Form" for these and other "Iron Range" train equipment we now have available.

Or better still, give us a call at 707-462-7680
No answering machines. Just live people who like trains! Really !

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