~ The DM&IR "Yellowstone" ! ~

A Finescale Brass Model for the Serious"N" Scale Modeler !

It wasn't that long ago that detail such as you see on our Pilot Sample Model shown above was reserved for the likes of the "Large Scalers" modeling in "O" and "Gauge One", was it ? And yet, the pattern makers at Boo-Rim Precision have managed to miniaturize the real thing down to the 1160 scale model you can see here with few, if any compromises ! A truly amazing feat !

Our model features a custom built-to-spec Precision Coreless Motor, coupled to a pair of specially-created-for-this-model die-cast gearboxes carrying 371 gearing. Believable crawl speeds are attainable WITHOUT the use of crutches such as pulse power and digital "spiking" ! Why, you could actually SWITCH with this beast if you were so inclined !

The tender's rear will, of course, be equipped with a Genuine Micro-Trains® Coupler from the factory, as have all of P-B-L's models for the past 23 years and more.

There'll be just a finite number of the "M3" and "M4" Class "Yellowstones" produced so best you RESERVE YOURS NOW !

Click Here to get Reservation Form. Please specifiy if you need to have one snail mailed to you, or if downloading an Adobe Acrobat file is preferable. ( Lots quicker ! ) We have a whole series of "Iron Range" Railroad equipment planned. ( Yes, the 2-10-4's will be next ! ) So don't miss out !

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