~ The DM&IR "G1" Class Caboose in "N" Scale ! ~
- Updated - 1-5-04 -

This hastily assembled pilot model is a harbinger of things to come from BENCHMARK MODELS . The sole purpose of a Pilot Model is so's we can check it over comparing it to our photographs and drawings to make sure it has the look and feel of the prototype. There were things about this model that weren't quite right and corrections have been made so the Production Models will be spot on !

Delivery should coincide with the "Yellowstones", which is to say: March - April of 2004 ! And of course, unless reserved otherwise, ( You have the option of reserving yours unpainted, natural brass, if you choose. ) all will arrive FACTORY PAINTED & LETTERED .

Six different Road Numbers of our "G1" Class Cabooses will be delivered. They are #C-132, #C-137, #C-144, #C-153, #C-171 and #C-175 .

Of course, Genuine Micro-Trains ® MAGNE-MATIC ® Couplers will be factory installed so your models will arrive ready to operate.

Production has been limited to 300 pieces, 150 of each style. And if you've reserved one of our supurb "Yellowstones" you'll be treated to a " package deal " ! We've decided to package one caboose with each Yellowstone, as a set ! Heck sakes, these locomotives were running before the days of "EOT" lights so the NEED a caboose to bring up the rear. What better way to get one than to receive it in a Special Presentation Set ?

We're accepting Reservations Now for these beauties. Though we made the decision to include one of our "Cabeese" with each Yellowstone, packaged as a "set", some will still be available separately, but you best reserve yours soon ! Click Here to email us for a link to get your printable Adobe Acrobat "Advance Reservation" Letter for the upcoming "Iron Range" train equipment we now have in the works.

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